#nofilter | The RAW Project | Pflugerville Boudoir Photography

I decided to create a new option for my wonderful clients. This is a different experience. It’s #nofilter, no professional makeup or hair styling. It’s RAW.

RAW: Real Authentic Woman.

And that’s not to say that women choosing to do our full boudoir experience aren’t “real, authentic women”…It’s just a different experience. I highly recommend both approaches.

I went to Mexico last fall and shot a couple of fellow boudoir photographers with this RAW method. They walked away form the experience feeling a sense of love for themselves they hadn’t felt before.

They saw themselves as they are every day…with no fancy makeup applied. Just them, raw, #nofilter.



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  • as usual, your work is amazing! i love the black and white processing for these as well!

    February 7, 2019 at 9:23 am

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