Meet Elizabeth

I am Elizabeth and I intend to help every single woman I am lucky enough to work with feel beautiful, noticed and appreciated. I do this best with a camera in my hand. My mission is to prove to every woman that they are already enough; they are perfect…right this very second.

I love to capture the beauty of a woman and reveal what everyone else sees.
The Team | www.torridboudoir.com

I am in love – perhaps obsessed – with my work.  It heals me as much as it heals my clients.  I schedule a boudoir session for myself at least yearly.  (you can see a compilation of my very own boudoir photos HERE)

  • I married my high school sweetheart, Neil
  • We have a 7 year old son, named Utah (after the storyteller+folksinger, Utah Phillips) and a 2 year old daughter, named Ani (after Ani Difranco, our favorite musician)!
  • I hoard nail polish
  • Favorite food group:  CHEESE
  • Favorite scent:  my babies nose breath…and Amber oil
  • Favorite musician:  Ani Difranco
  • Pet peeve: loudly chewing with your mouth open
  • I have 19 tattoos
  • Favorite ice cream flavor:  bubblegum
  • I am a closet-singer with major stage fright

Follow my personal Instagram account HERE and become inundated with photos of my gorgeous babies.

Established in 2011


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Our Hair & Makeup Artist


Lauren Baker is our hair & makeup artist. She is a confident stylist with an undying love of all things beauty, makeup and creativity.

The Team | www.torridboudoir.com

Loves: Educating people about make-up, Ramen noodles and energy drinks
Loathes: Doing perms, tea, bugs, the deep ocean
Listens to: Trap music, metal, dubstep
Watches: Discovery Channel, SciFy and anything Gordon Ramsay
Reads: How-to’s, conspiracy theories, everyone’s complaints on Facebook
Favorite makeup product: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz – Skinny (eyebrow pencil)