Baring It All | Pflugerville Boudoir Photography

WARNING: Avert your eyes if naked, curvy goddesses offend you in any way.   Photographer: Paskey Boudoir Retoucher: Jen Swedhin Wardrobe: Boudoir by D'Lish I went on a little road trip last month.  I drove to Dallas to visit two of my very best friends, and fellow boudoir photographers,...

CLIENT FEATURE :: Shameless Dames | Pflugerville Boudoir Photography

I had the honor of being a featured sponsor on opening night of the “Shameless Dames” show this past April.  “Shameless Dames” is an Austin, TX improv show based on “Broad City”, the incredible Comedy Central hit.  Sam Schak, a former Torrid Boudoir client, the co-founder of “Shameless Dames”, contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in sponsoring a bad ass, female empowerment show she helped create.