Meet Meggie | Pflugerville Boudoir Photography

  Hey everyone! The name’s Meggie. Yes, just Meggie.   To those of you who don’t know my background, I’m here to share a bit of that with you.   I moved to Austin 2 years ago this August, from a small conservative town not too far from here. I came...

Baring It All | Pflugerville Boudoir Photography

WARNING: Avert your eyes if naked, curvy goddesses offend you in any way.   Photographer: Paskey Boudoir Retoucher: Jen Swedhin Wardrobe: Boudoir by D'Lish I went on a little road trip last month.  I drove to Dallas to visit two of my very best friends, and fellow boudoir photographers,...

CLIENT FEATURE :: Our Curvy Goddess | Pflugerville Boudoir Photography

Makeup: Lauren Torres | Wardrobe & Hair: Sarah Swofford |   While in Vegas for my yearly "Photographer Spring Break" trip, Eric contacted me wanting to book a surprise Valentine's session for his wife, Mandy.  We spoke for a few minutes and I immediately knew why...

Introducing Ani Rain | Pflugerville Boudoir Photography

It’s about time for me to introduce the newest addition to my family.

And….It’s a GIRL!

We had a baby girl!  We waited to find out the sex again and I am so glad we did.  We’d hoped and prayed for a little girl to complete our family…of course a boy would’ve been absolutely amazing as well.

Here she is.  Miss Ani Rain…

Motherhood. | Pflugerville Boudoir Photography


We moved at the beginning of this month into my childhood home.  It’s been a crazy busy last few weeks.  I finally took a bath in my new huge tub and my hubby came in and snapped a couple of shots of me.  I’m really impressed with his focus on this one!  He nailed it!  😉

All the sudden, though, mid impromptu photo shoot, it dawned on me that i hadn’t felt the baby kick or move around in the last day and a half.  I sat up and told Neil and he immediately put my camera down, instructed me to get out of the tub right away and he ran to the kitchen to grab the awesome Doppler machine my beautiful friend let me borrow a few months ago.

What I’ve Been Up To… | Pflugerville Boudoir Photography


These last few months have been a whirlwind, I tell ya!  I’m in my 8th month of pregnancy and am soooo not ready to have this baby yet!  Ha!

We’ve been so busy I’m afraid I haven’t really relaxed at all and enjoyed being pregnant.  I haven’t had a choice, though.  My family decided to buy my parents house…that they’ve lived in for 25+ years.  The house I grew up in.  It’s a gorgeous home and we are so excited and blessed for the opportunity.

Do More, Wear Less | Pflugerville Boudoir Photography

  I attended The Last Forty Percent Boudoir Photography's "Do More, Wear Less" workshop a few weeks ago.  I learned a lot, really enjoyed spending time with my peers and meeting some people in person that I have been friends with online for a long time!   Here...