Meet Elizabeth

I am Elizabeth and I intend to help every single woman I am lucky enough to work with feel beautiful, noticed and appreciated. I do this best with a camera in my hand. My mission is to prove to every woman that they are already enough; they are perfect…right this very second.

I love to capture the beauty of a woman and reveal what everyone else sees.
MEET THE TEAM - Elizabeth - www.torridboudoir.com

I am in love – perhaps obsessed – with my work.  It heals me as much as it heals my clients.  I schedule a boudoir session for myself at least yearly.  (you can see a compilation of my very own boudoir photos HERE)

  • I married my high school sweetheart, Neil
  • We have a 6 year old son, named Utah (after the storyteller+folksinger, Utah Phillips) and an 11 month old daughter, named Ani (after Ani Difranco, our favorite musician)!
  • I hoard nail polish
  • Favorite food group:  CHEESE
  • Favorite scent:  my babies nose breath…and Amber oil
  • Favorite musician:  Ani Difranco
  • Pet peeve: loudly chewing with your mouth open
  • I have 19 tattoos
  • Favorite ice cream flavor:  bubblegum
  • I am a closet-singer with major stage fright

Follow my personal Instagram account HERE and become inundated with photos of my gorgeous babies.

Established in 2011


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Meet Our


MEET THE TEAM - Lauren - www.torridboudoir.com

Meet Lauren

Lauren Torres is our makeup artist. She is a confident stylist with an undying love of all things beauty, makeup and creativity.  See her personal work HERE.

Loves: Educating people about make-up, Ramen noodles and energy drinks
Loathes: Doing perms, tea, bugs, the deep ocean
Listens to: Trap music, metal, dubstep
Watches: Discovery Channel, SciFy and anything Gordon Ramsay
Reads: How-to’s, conspiracy theories, everyone’s complaints on Facebook
Favorite makeup product: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz – Skinny (eyebrow pencil)

MEET THE TEAM - Sarah - www.torridboudoir.com

Meet Sarah

Sarah Swofford is our hair + wardrobe stylist. With her bubbly and excited personality, she will set any nerves you might have at ease. She styles our clients from head to toe, while also making sure the session runs smoothly.  See her personal work HERE.

Loves: hugs, making people laugh, GLITTER, unicorns, throwing parties
Loathes: negativity, Austin traffic, meanness
Listens to
: Odesza, Jean-Claude Van Jamme, System of a Down, Jeff Buckley, Meg Myers, Ani DiFranco….This list could go on forever!
Watches: Adventure Time, Fixer Upper (One Day I WILL meet Chip and JoJo!), The Walking Dead, GirlCode, At Midnight, and Teen Mom OG is my guilty pleasure!
Reads: I love to read and I’m all over the place in that department but currently I’m reading “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo, I’m re-reading “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield and Shawn Coyne, and to balance things out I’m reading “The Boss” series by Claire Adams.
Favorite accessory:
Oh man, this is tough! I really wish I could say something cool like glitter barrettes or sparkly flats, but if I’m really honest I think my favorite accessory is probably an elastic hair tie, the kind that doesn’t leave a crease in your hair. I have one everywhere I go just in case shit gets real and I need to pull my hair up. I think it’s like my wrist’s own little security blanket!